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June has been bustin’ out all over and as the clock strikes midnight it will finally be over. I’m not complaining mind you I’m just sayin’. Many of the clients I Read for have been going through it big-time. I answer the phone and they are already in tears. (Usually the tears don’t come ’til after I tell ’em all the things they don’t want to hear.) There are months when we seem to glide through life and months where we  pray we can keep up with it all. It has been one of those months. The praying kind…not the gliding kind. Decision after decision has been made and now we pray for the best outcome. Nothing really dramatic – just change. Just life. Just it’s-about-frickin’-time you looked at this whatever, gave it a name, and stopped dancing around the issue. Big girl panties on and handle it! So, we handle it. A few days or a few weeks will go by and the seeds of our decision will bear fruit. You have to trust what you did was the right thing to do. This will happen over and over again throughout our lives. It’s a process of pain, relief from pain, then fresh new energy. The process will have us feeling better than we had been in a good while. Why were we acting as if we were having a root canal without anesthesia? Perspective is everything. Change is not easy when you aren’t certain if the exchange will be fair. Something will replace the something we know? Will it be enough? Will there be a period of emptiness? Unbearable emptiness. Oh, no! Not emptiness.

We need to learn to experience emptiness and enjoy the lightness of being it has to offer. Remain faithful knowing full well emptiness never lasts for long. I mean look at that hall closet you just cleared out in December, right? How about the trunk of your car? Empty just isn’t a forever kind of thing. We humans need to fill up the spaces and we do. It would behoove us to become less accepting of filling them up with junk in the first place. It doesn’t matter if it is our closets, or our stomachs, or our hearts. Our high-tolerance for riff-raff will get into trouble every time. How do you know you are making the correct decisions for your life? You don’t know! But here is how we may know a little better. Pay attention to how you feel after you make a decision. Do you feel relieved? Honor the outcome of the decision. Get in the habit of putting your feelings of relief and a positive outcome together. Ask for signs along the way.

Yesterday, I was at the beach. Children were everywhere, laughing, and flying salt-water taffy colored kites. The restless ocean was a deep lavender-blue. I had never seen the ocean this color before. It was remarkable. I closed my eyes and said the prayer I had come to the ocean to pray. When I finished my prayer I opened my eyes only to notice a tiny butterfly the same color of the ocean lighting on a flower. The flower was the exact same color as butterfly… lavender-blue. It may not seem like much but I took it as a sign. A sign I had come to a correct decision and my prayer would be answered. I left the seaside feeling satisfied. Today, I went to the paint store to pick up color chips. I’m leaning towards the blues and feeling sunny yellow. Have a sweet one!


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It’s Valentine’s Day but not everyone has a happy heart.

The human body experiences a powerful gravitational pull in the direction of hope. – Norman Cousins


Grieving. Grieving loss, a change, or the lack thereof? We all know about the five stages of grief. That fear driven quad of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and then the welcome relief of acceptance. This is all very tricky business because there are days when you may feel you have this all down to a sweet science. You feel healed. Then out of the blue you are smacked upside the heart and there you are in emotional quicksand once more.

Sometimes our reaction to grief is counter-intuitive. We have this compelling need to escape. Escape everyone and everything including ourselves. We manage to isolate and there the real trouble begins. Left alone with only our sorrow for company we may feel the urge to merge with a satisfier. We merge and now the satisfier is the center of our attention. The satisfier may come in the form of drink, food, spending sprees, drama, a sticky alliance with an “exotic and inappropriate person.” Any and all will take us even farther away from ourselves and true healing. A week, a month, a year goes by and there we are. Grieving still. Only now we seem to have lost the keys to the car on top of it.

 What can we do?

 Well, we can step back. Take inventory. What do we have now? What have we lost?  Have we sold off an essential part of ourselves for next to nothing? Was anything stolen? OK? Accept the loss. All of it.  Accept it and get back to the best part of who you were before the fall and let go of the rest. We only become “more” by letting go of what “little” we are holding onto. Now…embrace the brave butterfly you have become. The new you born from the gift of loss. Here, because of the uncertainty of change. Alive, in spite of lack, despair, and inelegant choices of the past. Get in the car and drive…you are free.

 The Truth Is: Prayer is a process.

 Join The Circle. Wrapped in Healing White Light and the Violet Light of Wisdom pray. Light Of All; Remind us to pray to do Your Will and only Your Will. Thank You. For all those in the Friday’s Child Circle Of Prayer and for all those in need of You we send…Love, Light and Oceans of Bliss for the Highest Good of All. And so it is! Amen

Bliss & Blessings~ Dr Alexandra Brooks

*** This blog is a sample of my weekly Friday’s Child Letter. The quote, The Realization, The Blessment, The Truth Is, and The Prayer for the Friday’s Child Circle of Prayer format each letter. Sign on at my website.  http://www. AlexandraBrooks.com it’s free!

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Prayers, wishes, dreams, intentions, call them what you may. When we finally receive the answer to the questions we ask, we must then take action. It is not necessary to take a giant leap. Just the teeniest, tiniest, action will serve our purposes. This action is much like singing a single note of music. That note will then vibrate through our being looking for other notes to create a chord. That chord will resonate in harmony and play on. Just know the quiescent voice within you will not disappoint you. It lies low and whispers for good reason. It is craving your attention. It is waiting for you to show it some love and respect. Once it is sure it has charmed you into a romance it will stay with you. Stay with you, engaged with you, in the sweet conversation that only lovers know. We are constantly being guided, lifted, gifted. Being grateful and present is the key to how much guidance, lifting and gifting we will receive. We need to learn how to be grateful before delivery day. Grateful for the anticipation and expectation. Grateful for the lulls and the downtime. Grateful, when it looks as though our dream won’t come true at all. Grateful for thenot having.” It’s funny how this works. When we focus on appreciation and just follow the melody of the siren song of guidance? What we pray for has a way of creeping up on us like a forgotten anniversary. Weeks or months later we realize it and; “Oh, my goodness, I’m living my prayer!” The wish came true. The intention manifested. In that moment of knowing we say another prayer. That prayer is, “Thank You!” Let the music play. Have a sweet one!

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